The Amazon Affiliates program enables you to generate revenue by putting links to Amazon products on your particular website. For every time someone buys a product by link clicking on your website, you’ll get a small commission from Amazon. By following any of the following quick steps, you can easily enroll as an Amazon Affiliate and begin generating revenue from your website. These steps include setting up an account, building your profile, then waiting to be approved.

1. Setting Up an Account

The first thing to do is to create an account since you’ll require a website address to start applying for the Amazon Affiliates Program. Besides, you’ll need to have the ability to describe your website’s basic information such as what it entails, other affiliate or advertising listings included in your site as well as your website’s targeted audience.

To create an account, check out and simply follow the process. Sign into your active Amazon account by filling in your email address and password. Using your Amazon account to log in will link your Affiliates account.

If it’s your first time, set up a new Amazon account by clicking the option, “I am a new customer”. Fill in the details of your email address, name, and pick a secure and robust password. You can then log in with the secure server after filling in the requested information.

Make sure to specify who is the account’s primary contact by selecting either the first or second bubble for you or the company’s representative respectively. You can then click next to finish creating your Affiliates account.

2. Building Your Profile

When building your profile, the first thing to do is to put together a list of all the mobile apps and websites where you intend to display Amazon Affiliate banners, links, and ads. You must list a minimum of one mobile app or website and a maximum of 50.

The next step would be to answer the questions about content and traffic to complete your profile by describing the details of your website in the best way possible. The prompts will guide you to specify your website’s type, its content, and how traffic is driven to your site.

amazon affiliate requirements

After providing the above information, enter your phone number and wait for a short while. An automated phone call will verify your identity. You’ll be provided with a PIN that will verify your identity once entered in the given field. You can then read keenly and agree to the terms and conditions before clicking finish to finalize your application.

3. Wait for Approval

Remember to note down your distinct Affiliates ID number that’s created for you after completing the application. After approximately 1 to 3 business days, Amazon will reach out to let you know if your Affiliates account has been rejected or approved.

You can then learn the various tips on how to generate money using your Affiliates account. Ensure to check out the tips listed below your Affiliates ID display. You’ll gain an idea of how to start creating links to Amazon products on your mobile app or personal website. You can add links to your personal website by skimming through the Affiliates Central page. Also, consider using social media to share your product links.

Remember to choose your payment preferences for when your application is approved. This could be through a check, a direct deposit, or as an Amazon gift card. Make sure to make improvements on your plan and if you’re rejected, resubmit your application and try to understand the reasons behind your rejected application.

There’re plenty of ways to generate money through an affiliate marketing website or blog. However, the experts prefer the Amazon Associates affiliate marketing program for beginning bloggers to begin earning affiliate income.

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